With Kym Nitschke

For business owners, and masters of their own destiny, to learn how to build wealth.

Accounting Insider is a podcast for business owners, and masters of their own destiny, to learn how to build wealth - from an expert who has done it for himself, and his clients. Kym Nitschke is a different kind of accountant - yes, he's a chartered accountant and financial planner, but he's also property developer, licensed builder and investor.

The Accounting Insider podcast not only reveals Kym's insights into business and wealth growth, but also puts a spotlight on his clients and other successful entrepreneurs and business people. Learn how they did it, and prosper!

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- 1 An introduction, building personal wealth, positive self talk

- 2 Investing in property (Part 1): Getting started, finding the right property, renovation value

- 3 Investing in property (Part 2): Steps and secrets to buying property (being different)

- 4 Investing in Property (part 3): Going from one property to two, good and bad debt, never sell

- 5 Investing in Property (part 4): How to avoid common mistakes

- 6 Investing in Property (Part 5): Recovering from an investment failure

- 7 Investing in Property (Part 6): DIY building and renovating

- 8 Investing in Property (Part 7): Property fitout on a budget, outsourcing

- 9 Investing in Property (Part 8): Commercial or residential property?

- 10 Investing in Property (Part 9): Your portfolio is growing, now what?; Property principles

- 11 Federal Budget: Profit shifting, Super, Startups, Ciggies

- 12 Investing in Property (Part 10): Expanding on key wealth and property principles

- 13 Buying a Car: Don’t do it (unless you’re importing a Porsche)

- 14 The power of eBay, from an accountant’s perspective

- 15 How to kill your company tax debt and save your business

- 16 The magic of Trusts

- 17 The amazing tax and finance incentives available to doctors

- 18 Starting a business: What you need to know

- 19 My investment property nightmare (and what you can learn)

- 20 A big break (literally) in Bali

- 21 The 10 year budget

- 22 How my firm went paperless

- 23 Long live the long lunch (and other networking tips)

- 24 A costly storm

- 25 The lifetime value of your customer

- 26 The cost of company culture

- 27 Scaling up the solo business owner

- 28 Starting a business with $100

- 29 Case study: The property investment game plan in practice

- Ep 30

- 31 The business of law with Andrew Andreyev

- 30 Getting started with outsourcing

- 31 The business of law with Andrew Andreyev

- 32 Commercial property hunt (pt 1): Breaking into the impenetrable suburb

- 33 What Facebook Buy and Sell groups have taught me about social media

- 34 Acquiring a property in an unknown land (case study)

- 35 Commercial property hunt (pt 2): Closing in

- 36 The mystery of the million dollar property abandoned by its Fiji owner

- 37 A squatter's right to claim property

- 38 DIY property management (you don't need an agent)

- 39 Learning and lunch (at Osteria Oggi)

- 40 How Ernie the accountant discovered a billion dollar mine

- 41 How John McMahon built a world class medical centre

- 42 Acquiring property in an unknown land is harder than expected (an update from ep 34)

- 43 Buying Another Accounting Practice

- 44 How can an Australian living overseas get a home loan?

- 45 Jayden Vecchio is building a finance broking empire, personal wealth & a top ranking podcast

- 46 Interview with the Aussie trucker who went viral on Facebook

- 47 Knock backs, unexpected benefits and lessons from playing the property long game

- 48 Accounting for Death

Produced by Andrew Montesi, Apiro Consulting.