Inara Goodridge Adelaide

Inara Goodridge


-Graduate Accountant

-Currently Studying Bachelor of Commerce

Inara is currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) at the University of Adelaide with a goal to undertake her Chartered Accountancy once graduated. It was never enough for Inara to simply study accounting and work a part-time job like many of her peers, and she actively sought employment with Nitschke Nancarrow to get a hands-on experience in the profession. Inara took on the responsibility with open arms and has excelled in becoming the first port of call for new and existing clients. Her excellent communication skills are reflected in her client and colleague relationships and she brings a bubbly and friendly personality into the office. Since starting work with Nitschke Nancarrow late 2016, Inara has become somewhat of an all-rounder and utility in the office, and there is no task that she hasn’t embraced and excelled at. Inara’s workload comes from all corners of the Nitschke Nancarrow office, and her skills include tax, bookkeeping and client management.

Having always had a passion for helping others, Inara enjoys working with clients to ensure the best possible outcome for them. Her ability to listen to a client’s needs is exceptional and she always ensures that clients are guided in the right direction. Not to mention she does it all with a smile on her face.

Prior to beginning work with Nitschke Nancarrow in late 2016, Inara previously had 6 years in customer services roles, 5 of those in the medical sector. Inara’s wide ranging experience means she is an expert in understanding all demographics within our diverse client base. Her administrative and customer service expertise means that she has become an invaluable member of our operation.

Arguably the office prankster, Inara brings a lot of energy to the firm and ensures there is always a little bit of fun happening in the office.

Inara’s adventurous nature will often take her to new places, she enjoys going for long walks in new places, and seeing new things. Continually feeding her curiosity, if she is not jetsetting off to a new destination, she is undoubtedly planning the next adventure.

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