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Who works at Nitschke Nancarrow?

Client focused

Since its establishment in 2007, Nitschke Nancarrow's culture has been built on service. Whether it is helping a person get their finances back on track, or setting up a retirement plan, it's the determination to see their clients find financial success is what drives the Nitschke Nancarrow team above all else. 


Thousands of clients trust the Nitschke Nancarrow team with their financial future. And it is not taken lightly. Whether it is a basic tax return, managing the needs of a high net worth individual or a complex company structure, the highest level of respect and dedication is always applied.


As a market leading firm, we're always discovering new and innovative solutions for our clients. We never stop learning. When you talk to the Nitschke Nancarrow team, you can be assured that they are providing cutting edge advice.

Kym Nitschke
Performance Coach | Business Leader | Public Speaker | Thought Leader

Kym Nitschke





Love your family, work super hard, live your passion.


Managing Partner 

Director of Nitschke Nancarrow & Nitschke Business Coaching


Managing Partner Kym Nitschke is an accountant, financial adviser, business mentor and entrepreneur who lives and breathes the advice he gives his clients.

Since taking charge of Nitschke Nancarrow Accountants in 2007, Kym has grown the firm’s client base to over 1200 individuals and businesses.

More than just an accountant, Kym is successful property developer, builder and business mentor.

Keys to Kym’s success have been his ability to provide practical, wealth building solutions for all people and circumstances. Kym’s personable nature and passion for business, particularly within the small to medium business sector, has led him to pilot his highly successful business mentoring programs. 

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Senior Chartered Accountant 

Small Business & Medical Professionals, Doctors & Health Specialist 


In a career spanning over a decade, Melissa Burgess has built up a bank of diverse and extensive accounting knowledge that is now relied upon by her clients. Mel is the leader and driving force of accounting at Nitschke Nancarrow. Mel’s unrivalled quality of service to her clients is largely responsible for the firm’s exponential client growth and customer retention over the last decade.

Melissa’s meticulous approach to her work is an asset to clients who come to her for tax advice, when the implications are often significant, whether the client is a small business owner, high net worth individual or a person planning for their retirement.

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Mel Burgess
Perfectionist | Motivated | Morning Person

Mel Burgess



Seek your own truth. Stand strong in it. Know it. Own. It. Follow your gut instincts and never question. Your reality is yours and your reality is perfect. Never conform… define yourself… the world worships the original!
Morgan Griffin
Social | Ambitious| Goal Setter

Morgan Griffin






Be as fearless as the women whose stories you have applauded


Chartered Accountant

Small Business, Wealth Creation & Finance Specialist


Morgan Griffin is a highly motivated and innovative problem solver, with strong technical and personal skills that have seen her become an asset to Nitschke Nancarrow and the firm’s clients. She is a highly ambitious individual who continually strives for greatness for her clients and herself.

Morgan has exceptional people skills which are an asset to both her professional and private life. Loving nothing more than catching up with friends for brunch or a wine or two, Morgan’s relationship skills shine through in every interaction she makes. This highly sought-after skill is a blessing for not only her clients, but her friends and family.


But it is Morgan’s professionalism, honesty and integrity that is valued most by the clients who she works with every day. Read more:





Inara is the bright and bubbly personality that greets you when you walk into the Nitschke Nancarrow office. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) at the University of Adelaide with a goal to undertake her Chartered Accountancy once graduated.

Prior to beginning work with Nitschke Nancarrow in late 2016, Inara previously had 6 years in customer services roles, 5 of those in the medical sector. Inara’s wide ranging experience means she is an expert in understanding all demographics within our diverse client base. Her administrative and customer service expertise means that she has become an invaluable member of our operation. 

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Inara Goodridge
Bubbly | Outgoing | Enthusiastic

Inara Goodridge






Dreams and dedication are a powerful combination
Justin Broughton
Creative | Determined | Adaptable

Justin Broughton





Hard work beats talent, put them together and you're unstoppable


Media Manager 

Digital Content Creation 


Justin is an innovative and adaptable staff member who utilizes the latest technology and online trends to create valuable media content to grow the Nitschke Nancarrow brand.

He is a highly skilled filmmaker and editor who has been making films professionally for many years and has taken on the role of Media Manager at

Nitschke Nancarrow. He is highly experienced in the use of the Adobe Creative Suite including Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator & Adobe Audition.

Justin’s efficiency in completion of work to a high standard and his flexibility to complete new tasks make him an asset to the Nitschke Nancarrow team. Read more:



Graduate Accountant


Jourdanne is the newest member at Nitschke Nancarrow, however she is far from inexperienced. With an experienced background in hospitality she thrives off working in a fast paced environment. Her ability to pick up new skills and  complete tasks quickly makes her a valuable asset to our customers.

With a history of working in and managing small/family run businesses, Jourdanne has expressed a passion in working with these types of businesses to achieve their financial goals. Jourdanne’s passion for small family run business bleeds through to her personal life where she is a self-confessed foodie who loves nothing more than experiencing new local restaurants and cafes with friends. Her list of places to try is ever growing and there is no doubt she has developed a good grasp on the unique and ever-growing Adelaide small business culture.

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Jourdanne Pemmelaar
Hands-On | Friendly | Communicative

Jourdanne Pemmelaar






Good things never come from comfort zones