We analyse, strategise and empower you to bring your vision to life.

We are an accounting firm who provide a range of services to assist in helping you to scale up your finances

What We Do


Get smart about how much you pay, while staying in the good books with the ATO. Find the right strategy and structure, and meet all of your obligations.


We help you keep on top of your day to day accounting needs. Don’t drown in the admin, make it work for you. Our bookkeeping not only makes your business.

Self Managed Super Funds

Assist with management, compliance and adhering to regulatory guidelines in order to administer a compliant SMSF.

Property Investment​

Make property investment work for you. Get advice about investment tax planning, investment portfolio structures, cashflow, loans, debt management and much more.

Business Advisory

Take your business to the next level with holistic support from business growth experts. Get the right strategy, structure and support.


No doctor should have to worry about money

Nitschke Nancarrow have over 20 years of experience in helping healthcare workers, medical professionals and doctors to identify their financial goals, and exceed them. In the past two decades of specialising in the medical sector, we have built a comprehensive understanding of the needs of our individual clients, as well as the business requirements that are unique to the healthcare industry.

The accounting Insider

Kym’s Podcast

Accounting Insider is a podcast for masters of their own destiny to learn how to build wealth - from an expert who has done it for himself, and his clients. 

Kym Nitschke is a different kind of accountant - yes, he's a chartered accountant and financial planner, but he's also a property developer, licensed builder and investor.

The Accounting Insider podcast not only reveals Kym's insights into business and wealth growth, but also puts a spotlight on his clients and other successful entrepreneurs and business people. Learn how they did it, and prosper!

Expert accounting and financial adviceall in one place

Nitschke Nancarrow brings the experts together under one roof; a holistic approach, one clear plan. Clients get access to a complete service, including tax and financial statements, bookkeeping, financial planning and superannuation.

Typically, most people have a number of advisors involved in managing their financial needs. Your accountant has one strategy. Your financial planner puts forward a different plan. It is frustrating, and your financial future suffers.

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