How Doctors and Medical Specialists Can Pay Less Tax

pay less tax

The title of ‘doctor’ brings both a lot of respect and a respectable income. Unfortunately, though, you’re also popular with the tax man. So you need to get savvy and learn some ways to pay less tax. You’ve got bills and debts to pay, a practice to run and a life to live. How can […]

Top 10 missed Tax Deductions for Doctors in Australia

Australian doctors earning comparison

Are you a doctor or medical professional working in Australia? You’re probably no stranger to the fact that the more you earn, the harder you’re taxed. As it turns out, you could actually save yourself a lot of money the next time you submit your income tax return. [Before you read on … Nitschke Nancarrow has recently […]

Basics of Capital Gains Tax (CGT)

Is your head spinning from trying to figure out Capital Gains Tax (CGT)? No need to fret any longer – Nitschke Nancarrow’s Kym Nitschke explains the system.