How doctors can get the most out of salary packaging

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Salary packaging is an effective and above board way for doctors and health care workers to pay less tax. The easiest way to explain salary packaging is your hospital employer covers the cost of some of your personal expenses, so you don’t have to pay tax on those purchases. But of course, there’s much more […]

What stops doctors from saving money?

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You’d assume that big earning doctors would all have healthy savings accounts. But the harsh reality is many doctors come to us without any saving habits and little money set aside.

Medicare Payment Freeze – How Can Doctors Manage?

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The Medicare payment freeze was introduced as part of a savings scheme by the government in 2013. This plan has had many vocal opponents since it’s inception. How does it affect doctors like you? And what can you do about it?

Top 10 missed Tax Deductions for Doctors in Australia

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Are you a doctor or medical professional working in Australia? You’re probably no stranger to the fact that the more you earn, the harder you’re taxed. As it turns out, you could actually save yourself a lot of money the next time you submit your income tax return. [Before you read on … Nitschke Nancarrow has recently […]