Why Doctors Need Financial Planning

doctor financial planning

Doctors need financial planning more than anyone. As a medical professional, you’re an expert in your field. That doesn’t mean you’re an expert in finance, accounting or investment, though. Add that to the fact that you’re earning more than most, which usually brings more challenges. Not only that, you’re extremely time poor. These things can […]

How Doctors and Medical Specialists Can Pay Less Tax

pay less tax

The title of ‘doctor’ brings both a lot of respect and a respectable income. Unfortunately, though, you’re also popular with the tax man. So you need to get savvy and learn some ways to pay less tax. You’ve got bills and debts to pay, a practice to run and a life to live. How can […]

Medicare Payment Freeze – How Can Doctors Manage?

Doctor examining patient x-rays.

The Medicare payment freeze was introduced as part of a savings scheme by the government in 2013. This plan has had many vocal opponents since it’s inception. How does it affect doctors like you? And what can you do about it?