Career transition tips for doctors

doctors burnout stress

When you choose a medical career, you know there’s hard work ahead. But as the pandemic drags on, the stress and pressure on doctors continues to grow.

How doctors can avoid lifestyle inflation

doctors lifestyle inflation

Comparing your expenses against your income can be a shock for anyone. However, this is particularly true for many doctors — as their salary continues to rise, so do their living costs. 

The True Cost of Burnout For Doctors

doctors burnout stress

Classified as an official disease by the World Health Organisation, chronic work-related stress, or burnout, remains an under-addressed health concern, especially in the medical industry.

How Will Economic Predictions Impact Doctors?

economic predictions doctors

All Australians, low- and high-earning citizens alike, are affected by patterns in the national and global economies. Even if you are a medical professional with a sizeable salary, there’s no escaping the impact of financial ups and downs. This brief guide can help you understand what economic trends to expect this year and plan accordingly.

How Doctors Can Break These 5 Bad Financial Habits

doctor financial habit

How many of your New Year’s resolutions were related to money? Instead of making several one-time yearly resolutions that you may or may not keep, why not resolve instead to break the harmful financial habits that are holding you back from your goals?