‘Freelance’ Doctors: Pros and Cons of Working as a Locum

locum doctor finance

‘Locum doctors’ (also known as Locum Tenens doctors) are usually ‘freelance’ doctors who experience the world of medicine in a very different way compared with full-time doctors. They trade in the routine of employment for the flexibility of substituting for others who are off because of illness, maternity leave or holiday.

Leadership Tips For Young Doctors

leadership tips for young doctors

Are you a young doctor looking to carve out a role as a leader in your clinic or field? Being a real leader doesn’t come easy. But these tips will help get you there faster.

Doctors: Should You Charge a Gap?

charging a gap

Medical specialists and private practice doctors who charge a gap for their services are being blamed by some for the downturn in Australians seeking basic medical care. But as a medical professional with a business to run, you’ve got increasing expenses to cover.

Key Estate Planning Considerations for Doctors

estate planning tips for doctors

It’s not easy for most people to contemplate their own mortality. As a doctor, you are perhaps more aware than others about how fragile human life is than most. That’s why you want to make sure your family will be cared for and your wishes honoured in the event of your own passing. Don’t put […]

How Much Should a Young Doctor Contribute to Super Each Year?

a young doctor must focus on super

You’re just getting started out in your new career as a doctor. You’re young, you’ve got student debts to worry about and you’re distracted by the myriad of new responsibilities on your plate. Now’s not the time to be thinking about retirement. Or is it? Medical accountant Kym Nitschke shows how contributing the right amount […]

Is a Trust Just a Tax Loophole For Doctors?

tax loophole

There’s a commonly-held belief that trusts are simply a way for the wealthy to get away with shielding their income from taxes. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth, as medical accountant Kym Nitschke explains.